Measurement Computing Products
  Data Acquisition from Measurement Computing
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  USB Data Acquisition     Ethernet Data Acquisition     Temperature Measurement
  • Low-priced and reliable
  • 12-bit to 24-bit resolution
  • Up to 64 analog inputs
  • Analog output modules
  • Digital I/O modules, counter/timer
  • for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS
  • Low-priced measurement modules
  • Acquire voltage and temperature
    data over Ethernet
  • Up to 24-bit resolution
  • 24-channel digital I/O device
  • for Windows, Linux or Android
  • Temperature DAQ for any application
  • USB, Ethernet or Wireless interface
  • 1 to 64 temperature channels
  • Measure thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, or semiconductor sensors
  • for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS
  DAQ HATs for Raspberry Pi®     Data Loggers     PCI/PCIe Data Acquisition
  • Professional measurement technology for the Raspberry Pi
  • Plug-on boards can be combined as desired
  • Analog inputs, analog outputs,
    thermocouple, IEPE, digital I/O
  • Documentation, validation, support
  • Stand-alone, remote data loggers to fit a variety of applications
  • Measure temperature, vibration, voltage, current, digital I/O
  • with USB-, WLAN- or Web-Interface
  • Multifunction boards with
    12/16 bit resolution
  • Digital I/O cards
  • Analog Output
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