Flexible and Modular Signal Conditioning Units

DT SAE-System is a flexible and modular desktop signal conditioning system. For almost all types of measurement signals and transmitters DT SAK amplifier boards are available with or without galvanic isolation.

Desktop Cases and 19DT SAE Base Units
Desktop Cases and 19" Rack Systems
  • DT9818-OEM, DT9826-OEM, DT9800-EC-I, DT9834-OEM, DT9844-OEM, and DT9836-OEM Data Acq. USB modules can be integrated
  • PCI cards can be connected by integrating a signal adapter
  • desktop cases with 5, 8, 13, or 19 slots, or 19" rack systems are available
  • DT SAK amplifier boards are available as 1, 2, or 4 channel boards
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from 490,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
Low and high voltage and RMS-value transformersVoltage and Current Inputs
Low and high voltage and RMS-value transformers
  • Voltage up to ±700V or 490Veff
  • High Current up to ±50A or 0-35Aeff
  • Bandwidth up to 100kHz
  • with or without galvanic Isolation
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from 70,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
Thermocouples and RTDsAmplifier Boards for Temperatures
Thermocouples and RTDs
  • for Pt100 RTDs in 4-wire mode
  • for Thermocouples, type J, K, and T
  • other TC types on request
  • optionally with Galvanic Isolation
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from 340,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
Amplifier for IEPE (ICP®) Sensors

  • IEPE compliance current 4mA
  • IEPE compliance voltage 24VDC
  • Input range selectable by jumper
  • Bandwidth: up to 20 kHz
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from 250,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
Full, Half and Quarter Bridge TransducersAmplifier for Strain Gages
Full, Half and Quarter Bridge Transducers
  • Integrated sensor power supply
  • Bandwidth: up to 5 kHz
  • Zero and Full Scale adjustable
  • optionally with galvanic isolation
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from 325,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
Lowpass filter with different characteristicsAntialiasing Filters
Lowpass filter with different characteristics
  • Linear Lowpass Filters (Butterworth)
  • Zero and Gain adjustable
  • Signal input via isolated BNC connectors, Lemo connectors, or screw terminals
  • without galvanic isolation
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from 330,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
Voltage and Current Outputs

  • Active and passive analog output
  • 2- or 4-channel cards
  • Signal out via isolated BNC connectors or screw terminals
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from 70,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
Digital I/O and Trigger functionsDigital Input and Output
Digital I/O and Trigger functions
  • passive and active I/O boards
  • Trigger functions / Counter input
  • Relay Control Output
  • with or without galvanic isolation
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from 70,00 EUR
Excluding VAT
More DT SAK boards

  • Potentiometers
  • LVDTs
  • Resistance Measurement
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from 335,00 EUR
Excluding VAT

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